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Butterfly BEO-5246 Electric Oven 46L

Butterfly BEO-5246 Electric Oven 46L
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Butterfly BEO-5246 Electric Oven 46L
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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: BEO-5246
  • Weight: 12.00kg
  • Dimensions: 45.00cm x 62.00cm x 45.00cm
  • SKU: BU826HAAAHAB4MANMY-35843124

Highlights : 

  • Rotisserie Function & Convection Function    
  • 46L Capacity
  • Timer select 0-60 min
  • Wattage: 1800W
  • With Crumb Tray, 2 Baking Trays & 2 Baking Racks

If you love moist baking, roasting and grilling, Butterfly Oven BEO-5246 is the oven for you! With the fusion of convectional and rotisserie function it doesn't get any better. Now you can do more with your oven.

Sweet Fusion

You want a rotisserie, you got it! Convectional? Of course! You get this amazing product that allows you to cook chicken or turkey as a whole while keeping it moist. No more hard, dry and bland roast and grills. Just juicy, finely cooked and tasty meat! 

Easy and Simple to Use

Keeping it simple, this oven has an easy to set buttons. There are only three buttons to set and just wait for it to be done. You don't even have to bother checking the food as you can set the cooking time ranging from 0-60 minutes.

Valuable Features

Butterfly Oven BEO-5246 offers a lot of valuable features such as adjustable temperature control with indicator light to help you from burning your food. You can also cook whole chicken or turkey for either a feast or just a family dinner by using the spit rod provided

Specifications of Butterfly BEO-5246 Electric Oven with Rotisserie & Convention Function 46L

  • Brand
  • SKU
  • Warranty Period
    1 Year
  • Built-in Oven Features
  • Wall Oven Type
  • Warranty Type
    Local Manufacturer Warranty
  • Capacity (L)
  • Model

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