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  • Model: W-20FF
This is not your ordinary fan! With its original deep angled cage design that exude strength and control, one cannot walk pass without getting struck awe by the futuristic modern design that has always been desired by all Wineen series. This is the epitome of performance and design. Pullman full powered high velocity fan is equipt with all original powerful motors! It is also capable of moving air up to 10 metres or in comparison, moving a 130 square metres space. At full speed, it can bounce and deflect moving air on the walls and partitions which result in great effective ventilation. Wineen high velocity fan has 3-Speed that allows you to adjust the velocity of air flow for your optimum comfort level. Design with high durable metal construction it entails all the ergonomic feature for ease of daily operation whilst maintaining a very light weight. With the fan convenient handle and 120degree pivoting head, you can easily move this light weight fan around the spaces and focus the air to your desired area! The ideal fan for your home and office, this versatile full-powered high-velocity fan is probably the only fan you will ever need! HIGH PERFORMANCE Wineen industrial floor fan is made with durable tubular metal. This industrial strength fan has 3 powerhouse speeds and a 120-degree pivoting head for optimum performance and comfort STYLE. Inpired by timeless retro designed, this high velocity fan will make a nice addition to your home & office. Comes in 16 inches with quiet high performance motor.
  • Strong wind delivery
  • Wind delivery distance 15-20 feets
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Unbreakable, rustless and strong alluminium fan blade
  • The Electrical Fan with 3 Speeds
  • Strong and stable ceramic base
  • Copper Moter
  • Optimal Electrical fan blade structure, light, large air delivery and low noise
  • Fine and close protecting cover with novel style
  • Built in safety thermal fuse
  • Quality ball bearing motor
  • The electrical fan with three-step speed regulationg, adjustable angle of pitch for ease of use
  • Height of the electrical fan is adjustable according to different requirement
  • Ideal for such applications as home, office, hotel, store, and so on
  • Industrial stand fan
  • Size 20”
  • Aluminium blade
  • 3 speed control
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy saving
  • Voltage: AC 240V-50HZ
  • Power: 110W
  • QC tested
  • 6 months  Local Supplier Warranty

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