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Elba Built-In Glass Hob

Elba Built-In Glass Hob
Elba Built-In Glass Hob
Elba Built-In Glass Hob
Elba Built-In Glass Hob
Elba Built-In Glass Hob
Elba Built-In Glass Hob
Elba Built-In Glass Hob
Ex Tax: RM399.00
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: EGH-G8522G(BK)
  • Weight: 14.50kg
  • Dimensions: 0.00mm x 760.00mm x 450.00mm
  • SKU: 448375526_MY-675747261

The Elba 2 burner hob is a responsive high light cooking zones by giving you two large burners with 5.0kW. It also gives you precise heat control for superior cooking results.
It uses High-Quality Tempered Glass that resists hard knocks, high heat, and easy to clean. The Cast Iron Pan Support in Elba 2 burner hob is a practical high-end pan support system that provides the optimal support for various pans/woks. It has enhanced the safety gas valve. The Safety valve system will cut off the gas automatically when the flame unexpected goes out. For better protection, it even comes with an Embraced Aluminium Frame Protection to provide the maximum safety level.

Product Features:

  • 4 Rubber Stands for Freestanding
  • High Quality Tempered Glass
  • Battery Auto Ignition System
  • * Number of BurneR - 2
  • * Triple Ring Burner (5.0kW) - 2
  • * Burner Size - Ø 128 x 128mm Brass Burner Rings and Caps
  • * Pan Support - Cast Iron
  • * Wok Stand - Cast Iron
  • * Safety Valve - NO
  • * Battery Auto - Ignition System YES
  • * Finishing - Black
  • * Glass Material - Tempered Glass
  • * Aluminium Frame - NO
  • * Product Dimension (mm) - (W x D) 760 x 450
  • * Built in Dimension  (mm)  - (W x D) 703 x 403

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